Destinations and Tourist Establishments




Consolidate and introduce and the presence of our clients in Latin America with a strong focus in the Southern Cone, generating an increase in the flow of travelers to these destinations and establishments.


Become the main reference for tourism marketing in the Southern Cone, turning creative ideas into concrete results.



Abax Reps

It is a tourist representation and marketing company belonging to Abax Travel Groupwhich acts as a link between destinations or tourist establishments that seek to increase their presence and visibility in Latin America, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. 

Our team

It is made up of multidisciplinary professionals, with more than 30 years of experience in the tourism sector, marketing hotel establishments, tourist services and destinations through training, promotion and marketing, product sales, press and communication, destination management and development, web designs and technologies applied to tourism.


Abax Reps  offers

Integral service of Sales and Marketing actions, strategically developed to position itself in different segments of the market, such as: Tour Operators, Luxury Travel Agencies, Incentive Travel Agencies, Corporate Agencies, Direct Public and Press.

Some of the actions we develop are



Commercial Presentations

We organize and make presentations of destinations, products, and tourism services for the trade of the sector that are part of the tourism marketing system. The implementation is carried out through the use of new technologies, personalized visits, or in the form of breakfasts and work lunches, depending on the needs of our represented.



We implement training courses for the sales staff of operators and travel agencies, so that they become familiar with the tourist destinations and their services.

Strategic alliances

We manage links between our represented and different companies in the travel industry, in order to generate strategic alliances of mutual benefit and thus enhancing the purchase of travel and services.

Familiarization Trips

Depending on the reference markets of our clients and their specific needs, we organize and coordinate "fam tours" for operators and agencies previously selected by our team.

Fairs and Workshops

We advise, assist and accompany our represented in the fairs, exhibitions and workshops, according to the selected tourist markets. We collaborate in the attention of the stand and / or desk, and in the assembly of the business agenda.

Business Interviews

We plan an agenda prior to the participation of the fairs, managing different interviews with representatives of operators, agencies, airlines, public officials, among others.


Journalistic Production and Writing

We prepare and draft communications and / or newsletters of the different events that arise in the destinations and companies we represent, such as events, institutional actions, description of products or services, among others.


Distribution of Communications

We have a base of our own as well as specialized and general journalists, to whom we send communications, reports and reports.

Press releases

We manage journalistic notes on tourist destinations, products, and services, in different specialized media and of general interest.


Relations with the Press

We are in charge of maintaining an excellent link with those responsible for media, editors, and journalists, through personalized meetings, work breakfasts, sending of presents, among other actions.

Press Kit

We design on-line support so that journalists and editors can access the press kit of our clients, with informative texts, photographs, specifications, etc.

Media selection

According to the communication needs and the budget of our clients, we carry out a media planning to invite the press trip.

Press Trips

We collaborate in the preparation of the trip itinerary, activities, and the necessary assistance for journalists.

Press Clipping

We prepare monthly documents with the publications surveyed so that they can be checked by the clients.


Strategic planning

According to the target audience of interest and the available budget, our team is responsible for advising the client on the potential means to use and how to distribute and optimize resources, to achieve the greatest possible advertising impact.


Means and Rates

We present an analysis of the selected media, their characteristics, and the public they reach. In addition, we manage and negotiate advertising rates directly or indirectly.


Advertising space

We manage the spaces contracted so that they produce the highest possible added value and boost the performance of the advertising guideline.


Marketing 360º

All new news, product launches or services are immediately replicated in the most used social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, as well as being disseminated in blogs, forums, and through the use of RSS.


We periodically send newsletters with updated information, offers and launches to our database, carefully segmented by geographical markets and consumption patterns.


We design on-line catalogs about destinations and their services, so they can be downloaded instantly, with extensive information, details and features of interest for tourism marketing.


We develop the necessary tools to implement training for the tourism sector, regardless of geographical distances or regions.


Address  Av Corrientes 524 12th Floor. Buenos Aires. Argentina. * Phone: +54 11 50318000 * Email: