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Destinations & Hotels

Our Company


Our Mission is to introduce and consolidate the presence of our clients in key markets, generating an increase in the flow of travellers to their destinations and establishments.


Our Vision is to become the main reference for tourism marketing in the markets where we operate, turning creative ideas into concrete results.




AbaxReps is a dynamic Representations and Tourist Marketing Company which acts as a link between destinations and hotels aiming to gain visibility and presence in specific segments and markets such as the US, Israel and Latin America, with special focus in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay), optimizing resources and considerably reducing the costs of promotion.

The team

We are a team of professionals from multiple backgrounds with over 30 years of experience in tourism, working in areas from hotel sales and training to marketing, promotion, management and development of destinations, web designing and technologies applied to tourism.


abax reps offers

AbaxReps offers an integral service of Sales & Marketing actions, strategically developed to help its clients gain visibility in various target markets such as Tour Operators, Luxury Travel Agencies, Incentive Houses, Corporate Agencies, directly to the public and to the press.

Some of the actions we organize:



Commercial Presentations

We organize and launch presentations about destinations, products and tourist services for the tourism trade. The implementation of such actions is done through the use of new technologies, sales calls, working breakfasts and workshops.



We run training courses for tour operators and travel agencies sales and operations teams, so they get familiarized with each destination and its highlights, attractions and services available.

Strategic Alliences

We help create bonds between our clients and key tour operators, travel agencies and airlines, to generate strategic alliances for mutual benefit, thus empowering and promoting the sales of travel services.

Fam Tours

We organize and coordinate ‘fam tours’ for carefully selected tour operators and travel agencies.

Tradeshows and Workshops

We give appropriate consultancy and assistance to our clients at Trade Shows, exhibitions and workshops, according to the selected markets. We coordinate the business agenda and customer service at the stand.

Business Interviews

We plan the agenda for trade shows, arrange interviews with key decision makers from the main tour operators, travel agencies, airlines as well as public authorities.


Press Production and Writing

We design and write newsletters for the hotels and destinations we represent, highlighting novelties, events and institutional actions, launch of new products or services.

Communication Distribution

We hold a base of contacts in the media, including influential and specialized journalists, to whom we permanent send diverse communications, news and press releases.

Press releases.

We manage press releases about tourist destinations, products and services in a range of both general and specialized media.

Press Relations

We keep excellent links with key people in the media, editors and journalists through personal encounters, breakfast meetings, presentations and other actions.

Press Kit

We design online support so that journalists and editors can access our clients press kit with informative texts, photography and specifications.

Media Selection

According to the communications needs and budget of our clients, we analyze carefully the media to be invited to each press trip.

Press Trips

We help coordinate and design the itineraries, activities and assistance of journalists during the press trips.

Press Clipping

We release monthly reports with the targeted publications so they can be checked by our clients.

experiences worth to be shared


Strategic Planning

We give the necessary advice about the potential means of advertising available as well as the distribution and optimization of the resources, to achieve the best possible advertising impact.


Media and prices

We present a report about the selected media, its profile and reach, and we negotiate the best advertising prices.


Advertising spaces

We administer the contracted space to make them generate the best value and get the highest performance of the advertising campaign.


Marketing 360º

Every news, product or service launched gets replicated in the different and most popular social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as well as its diffusion in blogs and forums.


We send regular newsletters with updated information, offers and the launch of new services to our extensive data base.


We design online catalogs about destinations and its services, so they can be downloaded instantly, with wide information, details and characteristics for tourist commercialization.


We develop the necessary tools to implement training for the travel industry, regardless the distances and geographic regions.

contact us

Tel: +54 11 50318000
Buenos Aires – Chicago – Tel Aviv – Madrid